O3 Pure Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator Water Oil Ozonator

Restores flavor & taste to food. Removes foul smells and food odors Preserves freshness and extends food life Multi Function Ozone generator treats air or water. Remote Control included Combats microbes including bacteria, viruses and other pathogens Air uses include helping fight mold, mildew, dust mites and smoke Learn More about O3 Pure Multi-Purpose Ozone […]

JIASHU 4.5L Fruit and Vegetable Washer System, Home Use Ultrasonic Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer Cleaner Washer Health

♥TRANSPARENT COVER DESIGN♥ beautiful and can see the entire disinfection process ♥FIXED LOCK PIPE DEVICE♥ The purifier fixed lock water pipe device is stronger and more beautiful than its counterparts. ♥DRAINAGE PORT♥ After washing the fruits and vegetables, drain the water from the purifier. ♥MOTOR VENTILATION GRID♥Provides rapid heat dissipation and prevents water from splashing […]

WSTA Ozone Generator Air Purifier 400mg/h Multipurpose Ozone Machine for Water, Food, Home and Office Using

Multipurpose Ozone Generator: This ozone machine can used for clean air and water.Ozone can effective removing odors, smoke odor,harmful gas,and there is no secondary pollution.Ozone water can be used to clean hands, skin, face, vegetables and fruits. Large Ozone Output:This Ozone Generator is portable and lightweight unit, over 400mg/h Ozone production, allowing you to use […]

MDPQT Ozone Generator Air Purifier Disinfector Fruits Vegetables Sterilization (White)

Ozone Generator Air Purifier: Ozone output 500mg/h.Can quickly decompose smell bacteria, germs, and formaldehyde that make air fresh and clean. Suitable for home, Office, Kitchen, Restaurant, industrial, and so on,It also can used for skin protection and beauty,hand and feet clean,baby products and toys sterilization and so on. Dissolve impurities and increases water oxygen level; […]