Laptop Webcam Cover, 0.027 inch Ultra-Thin Laptop Slide Webcam Cover Slider Camera Cover for MacBook Pro, Laptop, Mac, PC, Surfcase Pro, iPhone, Protecting Your Digital Life (6 Pack)

Necessary for You: Our webcam cover will prevent web hackers from spying on your life. It is the perfect choice to provide privacy security and peace of mind to individuals, families, groups, companies, organizations and governments. Compatible with Most Devices: Compatible with the front Facing camera of Macbook pro, Macbook, Mac,Surface Pro,laptops, PC, All-in-one desktop, […]

The Original Sliding Webcam Cover | C-Slide 1.0 Black Laptop Privacy Cover | Thin Cam Cover 1.5” x 0.5” and 1.5mm Thick | Stalker Blocker for Laptops, Chromebooks & More

LAPTOP CAMERA COVER 💻 C-Slide 1.0 The Original Webcam Cover blocks your computer or laptop’s camera to prevent webcam spying and keep your family safe THIN SLIDING CAM COVER 💻 The 1.0 sliding webcam cover measures 1.5” long .5” high and comes in at a super thin 1mm thickness so your laptop closes with ease […]

Webcam Cover for MacBook & MacBook Pro with Patented Award-Winning Magnet Design That Allows Sliding from Eyebloc (1 Pack)

Patented award-winning design stylishly compliments your MacBook’s minimalist look and feel. Your computer isn\’t cheap, so stick on a cheap webcam cover? Attaches magnetically. No messy tape or residue that competitors use and may damage your computer Easily slides on and off to enable / disable your webcam Made from powder-coated high carbon stainless steel […]

Webcam Cover, 0.027 inch Ultra-Thin Laptop Webcam Cover Slider Camera Cover for MacBook Pro, Laptop, Mac, PC, Surfcase Pro, Protecting Your Digital Life, 3 Pack

Great gift for everyone all cell phone and laptop users Easy to install Webcam Privacy Cover in Black 3 Pack Celebrate International Data Privacy Week Learn More about Webcam Cover, 0.027 inch Ultra-Thin Laptop Webcam Cover Slider Camera Cover for MacBook Pro, Laptop, Mac, PC, Surfcase Pro, Protecting Your Digital Life, 3 Pack

Nano-Shield S1 Webcam Cover [3 Pack], 0.03in Ultra Thin Web Camera Cover for Computer, Laptop, iMac, MacBook Pro, Smartphone, Slider Camera Blocker Protect Privacy Sliding Design

Anti-hack webcam cover for smartphone, laptops piece, tablets to protect your security and privacy Stronger adhesive: more durable adhesive tape. Will not damage your devices, but has a much stronger hold on more types of devices Protects your security and privacy: covers your webcam when not in use and prevents webcam hackers from spying on […]

Laptop Camera Cover Slide, Anti-spy Webcam Cover for Laptop, PC, MacBook,iMac,Computer,iPad,Smartphone,Echo Spot,Tablet,Ultra Thin Camera Slide Blocker Protect Your Digital Privacy & Security

[Ultra Thin & Fashion Design ] Super thin design, perfect curve edges, and extra mini size, which means it can be perfectly combine with your most devices. Webcam Cover is only 0.027 inches thick and does not feel its existence when the laptop lid is closed [Easy to use & Anti-spy] Webcam Cover just one […]

Webcam Cover | Laptop & Tablet Webcam Cover for Your Privacy – MacBook – Laptop – PC – Personal Tablet – 0.03 inch / <1mm Ultimate Thinness (White Marble)

EASY AND EFFORTLESS – With a swipe of a finger you control when your webcam is on and when it is off AND switch the cover for a new visual whenever you want. THE BEST QUALITY – Our webcam is the only Stainless Steel and 3m adhesive solution on the market. The strongest and most […]

2019 Laptop Camera Cover Slider 6 Pack, Webcam Cover Strong Adhesive for Computer Mac, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone, Android Phone, Echo Show/Sports, Sliding Blocker Slide – Ideal Gift for Everyone

UNIVERSAL DESIGN – Webcam Cover Will Protect You and Your Family’s Privacy. The Privacy Cover Can Also be Used for Webcams on devices such as Macs, iMacs, MacBook Pro, Video Game Consoles, Chromebooks, Surface Books, Smart TV’s, and More SUPER SLIM – This Webcam Cover Stick Measures 10.73″ Long 0.35″ High and a Super Thin […]

Aluminum Alloy Laptop Camera Cover, Luxury Metal Design Webcam Cover Slide for Computer Mac MacBook Pro iMac Cell Phone iPhone iPad Surface Pro Echo Show/Sport, Super Slim Privacy Slider – Black

TOP-NOTCH QUALITY WEBCAM COVER: This Nano Shield Webcam cover was produced using precise CNC (Computer Numeric Control) design where computer programming is used in prototyping and full production for cutting, carving, machining and milling aluminum. DURABLE & CORROSION-RESISTANT: This high-end device adpots Anodizing Design, an environmentally safe electrochemical process that provides surface corrosion protection along […]