Mac Book Pro Charger, AC 85w Power Adapter Magsafe 2 T-Tip Adapter Charger Connector-Superior Heat Control-MacBook Pro 17/15/13 Inch [After Mid 2012]

Input: AC 100-240V, 1.5A 50-60Hz; output: DC 20V, 4.25A Compatibility: compatible with MacBook Pro 15 inch:mjlu2, Mjlt2, Mgxc2, Mgxa2, ME293, ME294, ME664, ME665, MC975, MC976 Replacement chargers manufactured with the highest quality materials and include multiple smart features safeguarding against IV – incorrect voltage, SC – short circuit, IO – Internal overheating. Ce/FCC/RoHS certified. Good […]

Mac Book Pro Charger, Replacement 60W Power Adapter Magnetic L-Tip Connector Charger for Mac Book Pro 13-inch (Before Mid 2012 Models) (60L)

Input: 100-240V 50-60 Hz, Output : 16.5V 3.65A Fully compatible with MacBook Pro 13 inch: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012),MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011),MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011),MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010),MacBook Pro(13-inch, Mid 2010),MacBook Pro(13-inch, Late 2009),Fits A1181 A1278 A1184 A1330 A1342 A1344 A1185 MB990 MB991 MC118 MC700 MC724 MC374 MC375 MD101 MD102 MD313 […]

Compatible with Mac Book Air Charger, 45W L-Tip Magsafe 1 Power Adapter Magnetic Connector Charger for Mac Book 11/13 inch Mac Book Air(Before Mid 2012)

🎄♥Compatible with all Mac Book Air 11″ / 13″ (note:except 2012 Mac book with Retina Display or T-Shape) 🎄♥Parameter: electric power: 45W; Input: AC 100-240v-1.5a, 50-60Hz; output: DC 14.5V-3.1a(45W L-Tip) 🎄♥Fully compatible:Compatible with Mac Book air(13 inch, Mid 2011),Compatible with Mac Book air(11 inch, Mid 2011), Compatible with Mac Book air(13 inch, Late 2010),Compatible with […]

Wakeach 45W/60W USB Charger for MacBook Air 11 13 inch MacBook Pro 13inch(Before 2012 Mid), Replacement for Magsafe 1 Power Adapter L-Tip Connector,MacBook Power Supply Portable Travle Wall Charger

Arrow Speed: Charging Macbook laptop at top speed with the professional port (60W max speed), while 3 USB2.0 ports intelligently recognize your device to boost charging speeds up to 20 watt. Multi Four-Port: MacBook laptop charger with 3-USB. Access simultaneous charging for everyone—all from just one charger. Reliable Safety: Multiple protection against spark, overheat, overcurrent, […]

MacBook Pro Charger, AC 85w Power Adapter Magsafe 2 T-Tip Adapter Charger Connector – Superior Heat Control – Mac Book Pro 17/15/13 Inch (After Late 2012 to 2015)

Input: AC 100-240V (Worldwide use)1.5A 50-60Hz; Output: 18.5V 4.6A 85W; Good Quality:Compatible works as original part Lifetime months warranty! Fully Compatible: designed to match your Macbook Pro 13 inches,15 inches and 17 inches Laptop(85 T-tip After summer 2012 models) A1278,A1502,A1344,A1465,A1502,A1425,A1435,A1466,A1398,A1424,ME293, ME294, ME664, ME665, MC975, MC976, MD506, MJLU2, MJLT2, MGXC2, MGXA2. Note: This is the second […]

Sehonor Charger,Replacement for MacBook Pro with 13 15 Inch Retina Display AC 85w Power Adapter magsafe2 Charger (T-Tip) After 2012

INPUT: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz; OUTPUT: DC 18.5V-4.6A Replacement charger AC adapter for Apple MacBook Pro 13″15″ after 2012 with Model :A1398、A1425、A1502,Replacement of a1424 charger Compatible with Macbook Pro 15 inch:MJLU2,MJLT2,MGXC2,MGXA2,ME293,ME294,ME664,ME665,MC975,MC976;Compatible with Macbook Pro 13 inch:MD212,MD213,MD662,ME864,ME865.ME866,MGX72,MGX82,MGX92,MF839,MF840,MF841,MF843 LED LIGHT PROVIDES STATUS INFO: An amber light lets you know that your notebook is charging, while a green light […]

85W Charger for MacBook Pro 15 17 inch Made Before Mid 2012, Replacement for Magsafe 1 L-Tip Power Adapter w/ 5USB Ports

[Widely Compatible]: Compatible with MacBook pro 15/17 inch manufactured before mid 2012 and most USB electronic devices, from iPhones, Samsung, HTC Nexus, Blackberries, GoPro, bluetooth speaker, power banks, mouse, camera, and more. Say goodbye to carry various power adapters for your smart devices, one is for all. [6 Charging Ports]: 1 laptop output and 5 […]

Mac Book Pro Charger, 85w Power Adapter Charger Magsafe Power Adapter Replacement for MacBook Pro-13/15/17 Inch A1150 A1151 A1172 A1189 A1211 A1226 A1229 (Before 2012)

Replace your 85W MacBook Pro charger with one that’s just as good as the original! Minus the jaw droopingly high price! Maybe you lost your charger, or it suddenly stopped working. Or maybe your power cord snapped! Usually, when this happens, we have a moment of panic. More often than not, it’s painfully hard to […]

Mac Book Pro Charger Replacement 85W L-Tip Power Adapter Magsafe Compatible for MacBook Pro 15-Inch and 17-inch Laptop (Before 2012)

Ac power input & Output: input: AC 100-240V (worldwide use) 50-60Hz; output: 18.5V 4.6a 85W. Charging port-magsafe l-tip (first generation of MagSafe power adapter). Universal compatibility: Designed to match your MacBook Pro 15 inches and 17 inches laptop charger(85l-before summer 2012 models) MB990, MB991, MC118, MC700, MC724, MC374, MC375, MD101, MD102, MD313, MD314, fits A1297, […]

Mac Book Pro Charger, AC 85w Magsafe Power Adapter Replacement for MacBook Pro-13/15/17 Inch (Before 2012)

Input: 100 – 240V, 50-60H Output : 18.5V 4.6A Compatible Part Numbers: A1344, A1330, A1342, A1172, A1181, A1184, A1244, A1278,A1330,MA538LL/A, 661-0443, 661-4269, 661-4485, 661-4259, 661-4339 Good Quality:Compatible works as original part 12 months warranty! Note:This is the first generation of magsafe power adapter(L-Shape), not the second generation. Replacement chargers manufactured with the highest quality materials […]