NOW Supplements, L-Theanine Pure Powder, Tension Management*, Amino Acid, 1-Ounce

Promotes Relaxation* Healthy Vascular Function* Take 1/8 level teaspoon daily in juice or water, preferably on an empty stomach GMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation). Packaged in the USA by a family […]

MAX Absorption Liquid L-Theanine Drops | All Natural, Vegan, Alcohol Free, Non-GMO | for Stress Relief, Relaxation, Focus Without Drowsiness | Synergistic with Coffee or Caffeine

PROMOTES RELAXATION – Studies show that L-Theanine may promote an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness. This can help to restore a sense of calm and help improve focus. THE LIQUID ADVANTAGE – Aside from being easier to consume, liquid drops can be easier and more gentle on the digestive system. The outer shell of […]

Superior Labs Pure L-Theanine Non GMO, No Additives – 250mg, 90 Vegetable Capsules – Powerful Formula for Healthy Sleep, Mood, Anxiety, Calming

ABSOLUTE PURITY – ZERO SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES, FILLERS, HEAVY METALS, ADULTERANTS – You will never see unnecessary additives such as stearates, dioxides, glycerides or fillers other brands use to make manufacturing cheaper, faster and easier. In addition we test all ingredients and products for industrial heavy metals pollution and harmful bacteria common in plant and ingredient […]

LiftMode Caffeine 100mg + L-Theanine 150mg Capsules (150 Count) Pills/Capsules | for Better Mood, Focus, Energy #Top Nootropic Stack Supplement | Weight Loss, Pre Workout, Fat Burner

POWERFUL MOOD BOOSTER – Caffeine and L-Theanine are both used to improve mood through their respective effects on dopamine and GABA receptors POTENT ENERGIZING SUPPLEMENT – Caffeine + L-Theanine is one of the most powerful natural energy booster supplements available today and can be used as a pre-workout or natural weight burner SUPPORT FOR MENTAL […]

Caffeine + L-Theanine 300 mg (120 Capsules), No Crash or Jitters, Alert and Productive, Calm and Relaxed, Nootropic Supplement (120 Capsules)

IMPROVES COGNITION: L-Theanine improves focus, cognition, learning, and creativity by promoting alpha brain waves. It also improves memory by encouraging neurogenesis, or the formation of new healthy neurons. INCREASES MENTAL ALERTNESS: Caffeine is responsible for the stimulating effect of coffee. It reaches your brain quickly and is a central nervous system stimulant. The most noticeable […]

Pure Encapsulations – l-Theanine – Hypoallergenic Supplement Promotes Relaxation and Helps Moderate Occasional Stress – 120 Capsules

Supports Relaxation: l-Theanine is a unique amino acid derived from green tea, which has been recognized for centuries as having relaxant properties and helps promote relaxation without causing drowsiness.* Support For Occassional Stress: I-Theanine may also ease occasional nervous tension and irritability and help moderate occasional stress.* Nervous System Support: l-Theanine has been reported to […]

L-Theanine 200mg — 120 Count (V-Capsules) / 120 Servings: Manufactured in a cGMP-Registered Facility in USA; Non-GMO, Vegan & Gluten Free

INSTRUCTIONS – Take one capsule with food up to four times per day. Do not exceed the recommended dose. FORMULA – Exclusively formulated with high-grade ingredients, free from any redundant fillers; non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free. QUALITY – Professionally manufactured and assessed in a cGMP-registered facility in the US; certified for potency, purity, and integrity. […]

Nootrous Brain | Cognitive and Energy Boost: Caffeine, Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Theanine, and Nootropics: Super Blend for Energy, Performance, and Focus (60 Vegetarian Capsules)

MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Our ingredients, including Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri, and L-Theanine, are fully natural substances that have been proven to improve memory retention and cognition, as well as reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. CAFFEINE MINUS THE SUGAR – Replace the added sugar and chemicals of popular energy […]

Indezone Energy | Nootropic for Better Brain Performance Caffeine + L-Theanine | Natural Active Ingredients

✅ Feel more alert and focused without the jitters ✅ Scientist-formulated and patent-pending ✅ Convenient & Portable: 10 capsules = 10 cups of coffee in your pocket, car, desk, or purse ✅ Natural brain performance stimulant (contains L-Tyrosine and Caffeine + L-Theanine) ✅ REGULATED QUALITY: Made in FDA & Health Canada Licensed Facilities with the […]

Enzymatic Therapy L-Theanine Suntheanine® Brand Patented Amino Acid 100 mg Potency, 180 VCaps

Daily stress can take its toll. L-Theanine promotes relaxation and provides stress support.* Our L-Theanine is the trusted & well-regarded SunTheanine The powerful amino acid fosters a restful, relaxed state without diminishing daytime alertness, so you can stay focused and productive.* Learn More about Enzymatic Therapy L-Theanine Suntheanine® Brand Patented Amino Acid 100 mg Potency, […]