FROG Serene (Formerly Spa FROG) Cartridge Kit (Bundles with Pearsons Scumball Absorber)

Includes 1 Mineral Cartridge & 3 Bromine Replacement Cartridges For any hot tub up to 600 gallons Kills bacteria 2 ways with minerals and bromine Pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess, no stress! Cartridges snap into a reusable floating holder Transforms your hot tub into Fresh Mineral Water System will tilt in the water […]

Frog Serene (aka Spa Frog) Cartridge Kit Refill Hot Tub Spa Water Treatment (1-Mineral Cartridge, 3-Bromine Cartridges) – Includes Mineral Buddies Hot Tub Spa Care

MINERAL BUDDIES SPA CARE was specifically designed for use with mineral treated hot tubs and spas such as the FROG SERENE (aka Spa Frog) FLOATING SANITIZING SYSTEM or the hot tubs installed with the IN-LINE FROG SERENE (aka Spa Frog) SANITIZING SYSTEM. The Mineral Buddies FROG Serene (aka Spa Frog) CARTRIDGE KIT REFILL includes: 1- […]