Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Recharger

Charge in 2-3 hours from wall, or 4-6 hours from car, or 5-10 hours from solar (Goal Zero’s Nomad 13 solar panel sold separately) Sample run times: laptops 1-3 hours, tablets 15 plus hours Bolt-on inverter converts Sherpa 50 into a wall plug (sold separately) Compact and lightweight – less than 1.5 pounds Includes Sherpa […]

Goal Zero Nomad 50, Foldable Monocrystalline 50 Watt Solar Panel with 8mm + USB Port, Portable Solar Panel Charger for Yeti Power Generator and Banks. Lightweight 18-22V 50W Solar Panel Charger

HIGH EFFICIENCY PANEL: The 50W, 18-22V Panel has a built in 8mm charging cable and a USB port LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs 6.85 lbs, Fits most places at 17x53x1.5″(unfolded), 17×11.25×2.5″(folded) VERSATILE: Four monocrystalline panels enclosed in a protective enclosure folds down to a compact profile USA ENGINEERED: Developed by a US-based team combing over 50 years of […]

SUNGOLDPOWER 130W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase 12V Monocrystalline Folding Solar Module with LCD Waterproof Charge Controller

1.It is a ready-to-use plug and play portable solar solution. You just require folding up the solar panel and face its solar surface direct to sun.You can use it to power up any 12V DC devices. The waterproof design ensures that the panel can be used in all weather conditions. 2.Two 65 Watt Mono crystalline […]

Goal Zero Sherpa 15 3870 mAh Power Bank Battery Pack Charger, Small Portable Power Bank, Lightweight Slim Design Compatible with iPhone and Samsung

PORTABLE CHARGER FOR TRAVEL: The Sherpa 15 is the ideal power bank to charge up your travels. Because of its lightweight, (4.6 oz) slim (5 x 2.7 x 0.4 in) design, this ideal external powerbank is for anyone on the go. Pocket sized to boost you anywhere! BATTERY BANK TECH SPECS: The Li-ion Polymer battery […]

PAXCESS Foldable 50W Solar Panel Charger for Suaoki Portable Generator/8mm Goal Zero Yeti 100/150/400 Power Station Battery Pack/USB Devices, with 3 USB Ports

MADE FOR SOLAR GENERATORS – Compatible with most solar generator on the market. With our included different size of connectors(8mm DC Adapter for Goal Zero, 5.5 * 2.5mm DC Adapter for Suaoki portable Generator and 3.5 * 1.35mm DC Adapter for Paxcess portable Power Generator), and 5V USB devices, including smartphones and tablets(iPhone, iPad, Samsung […]

Goal Zero Light-A-Life 350 LED Light

Adjustable shade design for broad area light or warm lantern light with high/low settings. Perfect for an outdoor camp or inside a tent Built-in carabineer and magnets so it’s quick to hang anywhere. Chainable with up to 8 lanterns. Features convenient cable storage Low-power draw for extended runtimes. Requires a Sherpa Power Pack or Yeti […]