Angry Mama Microwave/Fridge Cleaner,Steam Cleans and Disinfects with Vinegar and Water for Home/Office/Kitchens, Cleans The Crude and Stain in Minutes Faster and Easier,Pack of 2 and 1 Cleaning Cloth

★ ANGRY MAMA MICROWAVE CLEANER: No Need to Use Dangerous Chemical & Stain Removers, The steam comes out of mama’s head and softens microwave dirt and stains for easier cleaning. ★ COOL MAMA CLEANER KEEPS YOUR FRIDGE FRESH: Just fill Cool Mama with baking soda so that let her do the work. Baking soda helps […]

Refrigerator Deodorizer Egg Freezer Fridge Odor Eliminator Effective Air Purifier Diatom + Activated Carbon Air FreshOdor Absorber Refrigerator freshener New 2019

1.100% Natural Eco-friendly materials : Product is made by Diatomite + Activated Carbon, non-toxic ,harmless and safe material. Diatomite and activated carbon with excellent odor elimination ability,which have been used for many years in various fields. 2.Main Function : Long-lasting odor elimination , Adsorption of formaldehyde,Release negative ions to decompose harmful gases,Fresh air. After testing, […]

Chill Bill Refrigerator Deodorizer Remover Absorbs Odors, Reusable baking soda Air Purifier – Cute Penguin design, by Monkey Business

Think Outside The Box: You could plop a box of baking soda into your fridge, or how about smiling every time you open it? No Plastic Filter Required: No need to buy hard-to-get, one-use charcoal. Simply add inexpensive baking soda whenever you want Completely Safe and Non- Toxic: No gels or beads required, just your […]

SimpleAndEssential Unscented Charcoal Air Purifying Freshener Deodorizer Bag: Smoke Eliminator, Odor Remover, Moisture Absorber for Home, Fridge and Car (1x250g Linen Bag)

PACKAGE INCLUDES: One 8.8 ounce linen bag, sealed in a plastic packing bag. USE FOR: Effectively remove unpleasant odors, moisture, smoke particles, and harmful gases including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and carbon monoxide by adsorption, not by masking. Great home warming gift. INGREDIENTS: Activated carbon with rich porous mineral adsorbents sepiolite, diatomite, bentonite, and attapulgite manufactured […]

Chilly Mama Baking Soda Fridge and Freezer Odor Absorber & Freshener, Cool Mama Refrigerator Deodorizer Freezer Odor Eliminator Fridge Deodorizing Cleaner Household Kitchen Gadget Tools

Fun and creative refrigerator deodoriser: just fill with baking soda and let chilly mama do the work. This helpful Cool Mom is an easy way to keep the inside of your fridge or freezer smelling fresh and clean for months, eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer. Reusable and dishwasher safe: no bottle brush or […]

BioStrike Odor Magic – Natural Odor Fighter, Activated Carbon Fridge-Freezer Odor Remover Filters, Eliminate and Absorb Odors (8 Count)

All-natural activated carbon absorbs odors like a sponge. Eliminate odors without the use of chemicals or sprays that just cover up odors. Perfect for small enclosed spaces such as refrigerators, freezers, sock drawers, trash bins, under sink, ice chests, gym bags, school lockers and more. Easy and convenient to use. Simply peel and stick Odor […]

GreenTech Environmental pureAir Fridge Food Shelf Life Extender & Fridge Odor Eliminator

EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR FOOD: Food stays fresher longer when kept in an environment free of bacteria, mold, and gasses. DESTROYS FOUL FRIDGE ODORS: Experience freshness every time you open your fridge door. pureAir FRIDGE eliminates odors caused by food decay. KILLS E-COLI, STAPH, AND OTHER BACTERIA: Ionization and ozone quickly and consistently destroy […]

NEWBEA 12 Pack 75g Each Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag, Travel Size Shoe Deodorizer, Natural Air Freshener, Odor Eliminator, Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber for Shoes, Home, Closet, Car (12pack)

❤[REUSABLE & PORTABLE]⎯Put it in your laundry, gym bag, closet, bathroom or even your car,it conveniently works anywhere. ❤[CREATE A FRESH ENVIRONMENT]⎯it works effectively ,maintain a fresh, breathable environment ❤[SUPERIOR QUALITY]⎯ It Works Efficiently to Remove Smelly Odor for Shoes, Gym Bags, Luggage, Pet, Kitchen, Bathroom, Drawer and Sporting Equipment . ❤[ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE BENEFITS]⎯You […]

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners, Assorted Scents of Lavender or Citrus, 5 Count

Deodorizing discs filled with odor eliminating Arm and Hammer baking soda Ships assorted in either lavender or citrus scents; Replace Nursery Fresheners every 90 days, or upon losing effectiveness Great for diaper bags, diaper pails, changing tables, hampers and more (not for use as a replacement in the lid of Munchkin Diaper Pails). Baking soda […]