4PCS Baby Safety Cabinet Locks, Child Proof Lock for Drawers, Cabinets, Ovens, Refrigerators, Toilets, Doors and Appliance – Use Safety Lock Adhesive with Adjustable Strap and Latch System

MULTIPLE USES: Baby safety lock Can be used for cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilets. Toilet seat trash can, windows, pet food containers, etc. Keep your child away from all the dangers of home. FLEXIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE: The length can be adjusted after opening the lock, which can be bent and pasted on flat surfaces and corners. […]

Child Safety Cabinet Locks 8 Pack,Baby Safety Lockes,Childproof Cabinet Latch for Knobs,Handles and Kitchen Bathroom Storage Doors

Multiple Packs: 8 reusable and convenient locks for various knobs and handles, safely keeping curious babies and active pets away from cabinets and dangers. Easy to Lock: The sliding cabinet lock is easy to lock or unlock and you can flexibly adjust the length up to 5 inches to fit different handles. No tools or […]

Cabinet Locks Child Safety, Baby Proofing (6 Pack) – Child Proof Refrigerator Fridge Doors and Cabinets – Reusable with Included Kit – Premium 3M Adhesive – Adjustable Length Strap and Latch Lock

ONE SMART LOCK, MANY USES: These multi purpose latches will childproof your cabinets, drawers, kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and freezer doors, dishwasher door, bathroom furniture, toilets, trash cans, windows, file cabinet drawer, pet food containers & much more. SUPERIOR DESIGN AND FUNCTION: Our patented two-button locking system keeps out even the smartest and most persistent kids, […]

Baby Proofing Safety Cabinet Locks – Child Proof Latches for Dresser Drawer Cupboard Doors Closet Oven Refrigerator Fridge – Adjustable Childproof Straps by Oxlay – Black – 6 Pcs

Multipurpose baby proofing safety locks; secure your child by locking cabinets, appliances, stove, drawers, refrigerators, trash cans, toilet seats; black color to best match your furniture; can be used as a Pet-proofing product and earthquake locks The strong, flexible, adjustable length strap works on most surfaces and around corners; easy remove baby locks without residue […]

WONDERKID Adjustable, Reusable Child Safety Locks – Latches to Baby Proof Cabinets, Doors & Appliances (Brown)

✔ REUSABLE: Move Them Where You Need Them: Extra pads are included so you can reuse your locks time and again. ✔ LIFETIME 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If your child safety locks fail at any point, simply contact us directly for a free replacement. ✔ STYLISH and SLIM: These non-bulky All-Brown safety locks look particularly great […]

Child Safety Cabinet Locks Latches – 12 Pack,Kids Baby Proofing Lock Child Proof Drawer Locks – Cupboard Hidden Latch – Adhesive,Door Spring Lock – No Tools,Drill (White)

INVISIBLE DESIGN – The child safety cabinet locks latches adopt invisible design, which is installed inside the cabinets.It will not get your curious baby’s attention and also make your cabinets beautiful and tidy. EASY TO INSTALL – The child safety cabinet locks latches are incredibly easy to install!No need for tools, magnets,measuring or drilling.Besides, these […]

Skyla Homes – Sliding Cabinet Locks (8-Pack) 5 inch, Multi-Purpose Child Safety Lock, Hassle Free No Tools or Drilling Required, Best for Baby Proofing, Strong ABS Free Plastic Knob Cover, Baby Proof

SLEEP WITH PEACE OF MIND: Join millions of parents and trust Skyla helping create the safe, fun and warm home that you and your family deserve MULTIPLE USES: So often, we don’t know exactly what we should protect in our homes – cabinets? Appliances? Trash cans? Don’t worry – you can apply these locks anywhere […]

Multi use Safety Self Adhesive Refrigerator Lock Latch with 3 Digits Combination for Toddlers Children and Some Special Needs Adults or Children / 1 Count/No Hardware or Tools is Needed.

With this latch you don’t have to worry about where the key was left or that you have to use two hands to manage the latch to put food in/out the refrigerator. This strap is 10” long and 2“ wide with a plastic buckle that has a three digits combination dial. The strap does not […]

Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Latch, 2-Count

Tested for safety and durability Made using high quality materials The most innovative designs and manufacturing processes Secure press and pull lock helps keep appliances closed Easy for adults to use and install This latch helps keep children from accessing potentially dangerous appliances Secure press and pull lock helps keep appliances closed Easy for adults […]

Child Safety Strap Locks (6 Pack) for Fridge, Cabinets, Drawers, Dishwasher, Toilet, 3M Adhesive No Drilling – by Eco-Baby

JUST WHAT EVERY PARENT NEEDS: Is your little one arriving soon and your home isn’t baby proof yet? Would you like an effective, simple and cheap way of making your apartment a safe environment for the newest member of the family? This childproof safety lock set is the perfect solution! PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: These baby-proofing […]