Tankcsard Rock Background Aquarium Letter Z,Flower Themed Alphabet Capital Z Symbol Bouquet Season Inspirations Classic Design, Multicolor PVC Adhesive

☞MATERIAL – PVC- Self adhesive, easy to paste. Durable materials. The size you choose is:48″L X 18″H(122x46cm) ☞HIGH DEFINITION IMAGES – Realistic look / HD Quality Image. Perfect to create a beautiful display and enhance the appearance of the aquarium ☞EASY APPLICATION-The static cling design enables hassle-free application. No tapes, glue, adhesive or gel needed […]

MDPQT Ozone Generator Air Purifier Disinfector Fruits Vegetables Sterilization (White)

Ozone Generator Air Purifier: Ozone output 500mg/h.Can quickly decompose smell bacteria, germs, and formaldehyde that make air fresh and clean. Suitable for home, Office, Kitchen, Restaurant, industrial, and so on,It also can used for skin protection and beauty,hand and feet clean,baby products and toys sterilization and so on. Dissolve impurities and increases water oxygen level; […]

Feeling-one Mini Air Deodorant, Refrigerator Deodorant Shoe Cabinet Deodorizer Refrigerator Guard GH2128 (White)

Product features:refrigerator can perform complete sterilization and preservation of the refrigerator.the use of the environment variety, such as shoe wardrobe pet nest can achieve sterilizing odor removal effect. For removal smell test:scallion, ginger, garlic and other small parts into the fresh-keeping bag produce peculiar smell and fresh-keeping bag is aligned with the export of N328,Open […]

Ankoyion Portable Ultraviolet Sterilizer Desk Sterilizing Lamp UV Disinfection Lamp for Travel Hotel Home Office Car Ultraviolet Lamp

1.Built-in automatic safety switch. When the lamp tube of the wand is facing upwards in the working state, the UV lamp is automatically turned off. To restore to the working state, just rotate the lamp to face down. 2.Foldable designed -Various uses: suitable for home, office, business trip, travel, carry and use. 3.EASY TO CARRY:Compact […]

Feeling-one Ozone Disinfection Machine, Multi-Function Kitchen Sterilizer Odor Removal Air Purifier 110V/12V Voltage 500Mg (Silver)

Sterilization and odor elimination:To remove smoke and masses dust.Ozone sterilization for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc,Perfect for purifying the air, especially bathroom. Toilet disinfection machine:designed for antibacteria and sterilization.Killing more than 90% of the mold in the air and harmful bacteria such as e. coli. Multiple uses: Suitable for pet owners, smokers, children, babies or anyone […]