A2Z Ozone Aquatic Spa & Hot Tub Ozone Generator | Maintenance Free | Chemical Free | Up to 1,500 Gallons

Installation: Pre-assembled and ready to install. User manual, check valve, 5 feet of tubing, four hose ties and two screws and plastic anchor for mounting, all included in the package. VERY IMPORTANT: Venturi Injector: If you do not have the vacuum port in your spa provided by the spa manufacturer, your Aquatic will need the […]

DEL Ozone Hot Tub and Spa Eclipse CD Ozone Generator – ECS-1RPAM2-U

Designed for spas and hot tubs up to 750 Gallons Saves you money on chemicals and eliminate odors Ozone kills up to 99.99% of microorganisms found in spas and hot tubs Eliminates unpleasant by-products from bromine and chlorine chemicals Includes: Eclipse CD Ozone Generator, Ozone Supply Tubing, Check Valve, Mounting Hardware, Installation Guide, and Water […]