Rubber Vent Cover, 4 x 10 Inch, 3-Pack, DOES NOT include metal vent, Stops Airflow (additional sizes available)

Rubber vent covers, 4×10 Inch, 3 pack (Does not include metal vent) Compatible with all vent materials (metal, plastic, wood, painted) Blocks vent airflow and redirects air to other rooms to improve home comfort Use on floor, ceiling and sidewall vents Hidden from view & eliminates vent noise Learn More about Rubber Vent Cover, 4 […]

SEAL360 Magnetic Vent Cover (1 Piece) Pocketed Design for Complete Seal, 5.5″ X 12″ for Floor, Wall, or Ceiling Vents and Air Registers, for RV, Home HVAC, AC and Furnace Vents, Vent Not Included

BOOST air to the rooms you need it BLOCK air in unoccupied rooms SAVE MONEY- heat and cool only the rooms you use NO AIR GAPS- The only cover that conforms to the vent damper creating a COMPLETE SEAL For STEEL Vent faces sized 5.5” to 5.75” wide & 11.5” to 12” long. Please measure […]

PerfectVENT Air Deflector for Lab or Office Air Flow for 24.75″ x 24.75″ Drop Ceiling Vents, 4 Holes, with 8 White Clips, Attached to Exterior of Ceiling Bars with Clip

Eliminate annoying downdrafts Air is circulated evenly in all directions Quickly installs over existing commercial or residential 24”x24” vents Made of durable, lightweight ABS plastic. Meets UL94JB flammability rating Made in U.S.A. Learn More about PerfectVENT Air Deflector for Lab or Office Air Flow for 24.75″ x 24.75″ Drop Ceiling Vents, 4 Holes, with 8 […]

XFasten Magnetic Register Vent Cover for Ceiling, Sidewall and Floor Vents – 5.5-inch x 12-inch (5-Pack) – Strong RV Air Vent Magnetic Cover for RV and Home Air-Conditioning HVAC System

Heavy-duty Magnetic Air Vent Cover that can mount strongly and will resist falling off even on ceiling vents and hard to access areas. Surface can be painted over and can be cut for custom fitting. Eliminate cold draft and save electricity conveniently with these magnetic ceiling vent covers. Rated to provide strong magnetic locking for […]

10″ x 6″ – 1-Way Air Vent – Adjustable Aluminum Curved Blades – Maximum Air Flow – HVAC Grille

Powder-Coat Finish – Smooth, Shiny, Scratch-Resistant, Beautiful. Looks Like It Was Just Waxed Quality Packaging – Carefully Shrink Wrapped with Cardboard Backing to Prevent Damage in Shipment Smooth Surface Edges – Run Your Fingers Across The Surface To Feel The Smoothness Screws Included – Easy Unrestricted Air Flow For Your HVAC System 10″ x 6″ […]

Out of the Tool Box Magnetic Vent Covers – Magnets for Effective Register Sealing on Floors, Ceilings, or Walls – 8 Inches by 15 Inches (White, 5 Pack)

CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOME TEMPERATURES – Got one room that won’t get hot, or a top floor that never seems to cool off? Our magnetic register covers come to the rescue: eliminate drafts, concentrate airflow to other vents, or seal vents in rooms you seldom use. SAVE ELECTRICITY – Why heat or cool that closet or […]

MagX Magnetic Vent Cover 5.5″x12″ (3 Sheets), Flexible Anisotropic Magnet of Ultra Thick 1.5 mm, for Air Registers or Floor Air Vents, RV, Home HVAC, AC, Home Must Buy

Made with strong anisotropic magnet of ultra thick 1.5mm, the magnetic air vent cover sticks to your floor/ceiling/wall vents tightly, no slipping. Stop wasting money on heating anymore. Our vent cover can lower your energy cost by not heating or cooling unused spaces. Can redirect air flow to needed areas for added comfort. Cut to […]

Deflecto Magnetic Vent Cover, For Sidewall and Floor Vents, 8″ x 15″, 3 Pack (MVCX815)

Magnetically seals the air from passing through closed metal vents on sidewall vents or floor vents These vent covers are not meant for ceiling vent applications Redirect air flow to needed areas for added comfort Cuts easily with scissors to ensure a more custom fitting Can be painted or papered to match any décor Learn […]